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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Pics of latest acquisition.

Hi Everyone,

Its been a long time since I've posted! I've been enjoying retirement from REI for over a month now. I plan to take a break for another 5 months. This is in part to my wife's request to spend more time w/ family. Kinda of hard to argue that one, you know? Realistically, this hurts my financial goals , but I will try to make up for it w/ more excellent acquisitions later this year.

I plan to continue the blog, however, I may stop posting for several months. I'm not sure. I may get bored and want to post my ideas and document latest observations in the markets.

Anyway, I am posting the townhouse that I completed in early May. Check it out, I posted a before pic, I can't believe I forgot to take "after" pics. Overall, this was an awesome project, I bought subto from a motivated seller for 85k. The property is curently worth 130k. I spent about 6k in rehab. It looks excellent and will be a strong rental.

I just closed on a re-fi last week. It was pretty cool to re-fi after a month and half of ownership. My broker is awesome! I got a re-fi for 92k, which essentially made this a NO MONEY DOWN DEAL!

Cash flow is negative $75 a month. This ok with me since I have plenty of equity and will be benefiting from taxes, mortgage pay downs, future appreciation, and rental increases in the future.

If I could do 5 of these every year, would be in great shape in no time!

Take care,


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That's tough, B. I know the feeling. My wife harps on me about not having enough "family" time, and then barks at me the next day because I haven't done X, Y, or Z for the business. Negating my regular JOB, time to get ready for work, time to eat, time to sleep, time to cook dinner (yeah, I do it), time for house chores, time for yard work, etc., I probably only have about 2 solid hours each day for family and REI - IF I'M LUCKY. So I fully understand your wife's concerns. Do your best to keep your mind in the game even though you may not commit the time needed to do any deals. BOL!
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