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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Another article on foreclosure investing..

For those of you interested in foreclosure investing, check this out...

I agree with the article completely, however its not stopping me from investing in this area...

Good investing..
|| Bginvestor, 6:30 PM


I agree with most of the article, too, however, I would add that I expect foreclosures to increase in Texas in the next few years. Already there are 700+ HUD foreclosure listings alone on any given week, and I expect it to rise. Not so much because people who got short-term ARM's in the early 2000's will have to refi or lose their house, but because I expect Texas (at least the I-35 corridor) to undergo strong market appreciation. When that happens, current homeowner's assessments will increase a LOT. For many, they are already struggling to keep up with their property taxes. Increasing that by 20% or more each year will put them over the edge. I don't think it will be catostrophic by any means, but an increase none-the-less.
Blogger Steve, at 10:47 AM  

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