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Friday, January 13, 2006

Thoughts on mailing campaign..

One of the bloggers recently commented that my marketing is labor intensive. Yes, it sure is. Than why I am "sticking it to myself"? Why not do something easier like postcards?

Here's the reason. My audience is focused and my letters capture the emotions of that audience. The postcards won't be read as much because my letters are labeled such that they will be curious to who its from. Once they open the letter, they will be committed to reading some or all of it. Pre-foreclosures don't have much patience, so they could just throw away the postcard without reading the punch line.

In my opinion, postcards are better to "shot gun" hundreds of owners to stir up interest in buying houses. Many times you don't know their motivation level.

In my market there are about 50-60 foreclosures a week, so its do able to send well written and professional looking letters to these folks.

Still its labor intensive. However, I just hired one of the neighbor kids to stuff and label envelopes for me. I should have done this a year ago! The added cost is totally worth it and I plan to double my mailings spreading over more zip codes.

I will send 3 letters to each address. I should do 4, but I want to first test 3.

I will also send more letters to other motivated people. i.e., quit claim deeds, divorces, evictions, or probate. I will choose one of these and hit them with 4 iterations.

I network with several investors and I have to admit, I am the one that usually gets the best deals! However, I don't find them often. This has to change, for my business to grow, my leads need to increase.

This will help...
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