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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Lead#1 = Offer #1 = Deal??

I can't believe this shit... I had negotiated an awesome deal yesterday where I was going to buy a property via seller's financing 60k w/ 8k down. Unfortunately, she calls me up 15 minutes before going over there to sign paper work and she tells me that a neighbor caught wind of her moving and they may be interested in offering 60 k cash for the property!!

I did all this work to negotiate her down from 80k and this guy may reap the benefit from my efforts. Here's the kicker, she AGREED to carry back at ZERO percent interest rate because she was extremely motivated (she's leaving the state tomorrow).

She rather have 60k cash now than financing which I can understand. Although she'll do better tax wise w/ financing.

She told me the guy needs to look inside and its definitely a fixer-upper!

She is going to call me tonight to tell me status. I can't wait.. ;-(
|| Bginvestor, 2:21 PM


Loose lips sink ships!! that is frustrating, when i do a deal i dont tell anyone about it until its under contract (and of course on my blog. I am also a nervous wreck until i have a signed contract.
Blogger SLOMONEY, at 6:41 PM  
That sucks bricks. I've read several places where if you have a great deal, stop everything and meet the seller NOW. I would definately tell her about the tax advantages when/if she calls, though, as she made be clouded by the fast cash.
Blogger Steve, at 5:55 AM  

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