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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Recommended REI books..

There was a gentleman that asked me for recommended books to read for the beginner so I thought I would post some of my favorites.

These books are cheap (around $10) and are worth every penny. In my opinion, the beginner should read up on all the different ways to purchase realestate and pick one or two and go for it! Become an expert even if you have to go to a seminar (sometimes).

If you want to be a buy and hold guy, this is a must read. This is one of the books I buy for my friends.

"The weekend millionaires secrets to investing in real estate" by Mike Summey and Roger Dawson

Great book on how to get started , analysis, and build your portfolio in rentals. If you understand and follow this book, you will become a millionaire. Depending on your market , it can take awhile though!

"Making big money investin in Foreclosures w/o cash or credit" By Peter Conti & David Finkel

This is a great book to learn the many ways to buy foreclosure properties. This is not a step by step book, however, its a great summary on the many different ways to acquire. You can't be an expert from reading one book you know!

"The pre-foreclosure property investor's kit" by Thomas Lucier

If you want to be serious about chasing seller's in pre-foreclosure, this book summarizes it nicely. If I had to write a book to summarize what I do, it would closely resemble this one.

There's more, but they are on loan with friends so I don't know the complete titles.

The hardest thing to do sometimes is figure out "how" to invest. Its taking me years to fully realize where I want to go. If your this way, I would suggest you take time to understand your "borrowing" potential , what the market conditions are, and how much risk you want to take. This will guide you to what techniques are best. If you don't have any money, do wholesaling! If you got loads of money, build a subdivision!

Good investing,

|| Bginvestor, 5:57 PM


Great blog, bginvestor.

I'd like to add a couple books to that list. Of course, what books to read also depends on what type of investing interests you. But here are my recommendations:

"Flipping Properties" by Bronchick and Dahlstrom

"How to be a Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire" by Ron LeGrand

"Fix it and Flip it" by Kate and Gene Hamilton

"How to Create Multiple Streams of Income" by Conti and Finkle (available for free on the web, by the way)

"The Millionaire Real Estate Investor" by Gary Keller
Blogger Boyd (MA), at 9:37 AM  
Thanks for the added book list!
Blogger Bginvestor, at 5:06 PM  
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