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Friday, December 30, 2005

Real Estate forecasts in 2006 & 2007 Check it out!

I've tracked CNN money's appreciation reports for several years and I have found them to be accurate based on tracking the Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson markets.

This article was quite interesting. A firm estimated the forecasts for 2006 & 2007. I don't read into these 100% because they never explain their numbers , however, its another data point.

The biggest observation was that Texas may be the next emerging market. Steve, better get ready!

Check your city out! Also, I would recommend going back to CNN money from time to time because they make a good effort to track the national market.

Good investing!
|| Bginvestor, 2:14 PM


I can concur. Everything I've read in the last year points to a Texas RE market primed to skyrocket. I think the biggest areas will be Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, but Austin will also be hot. The market in Austin was recently forecasted at 5% below average, and businesses are starting to move in at a quick pace.

I've also noticed through my research that the vast majority of out-of-state homeowners are from California (in one estimate it was almost 50%). This tells me that investors who made a killing in that state are now moving in here to do the same.
Blogger Steve, at 5:47 AM  
And, in my area (Oklahoma), home prices are growing quite nicely, too! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to build my REI career here. And, as I suspected, there is no bubble in this area.
Blogger Trisha#1, at 8:39 AM  

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