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Thursday, November 03, 2005


I got a call from the original gal that owned the double wide. She was upset because she got a gas bill for coverage that exceeded her ownership. I was at fault because I thought my wife switched it over. However, I let her know that I had paid a full months's water bill that was actually hers(utility bill was one month behind). Since my bill was twice as much as hers, I said let's call it even or you can pay the residual..

So, I got another tenant for the tri-plex. I have two of three filled now! I will be finishing up the third unit this weekend, so that makes two units completely rehabbed. This was a huge milestone for me. I need to concentrate this weekend and make sure it gets done. The tenants from the second unit are moving into the third and I will finish up on the second.

The third unit has a side yard, and these guys are already fixing it up. So far it looks nice!!

The second unit will take a lot less work than the rest. Replace flooring, dry wall in halls, and a little painting. After that, my project will be COMPLETE!! Yahoo..

I am planning on taking December off for REI. I have a feeling that its going to be like last year and I will crank back up in February. This will also include my blog.

Its hard to believe that I've been writing in my blog for almost a year now. Amazing! I enjoy re-reading some of the posts to remember what I was thinking during those times.

I'm afraid that I made the same mistake this year as I have done on years pasts. Once I find a project, my business shuts down because all of my time is taken up. This is why I passed on the property next door. This was a huge mistake. I should have bought, held it til next year for my REI goals. Now, I may have to spend months to find another worthy project. Oh well. I several options moving forward.
|| Bginvestor, 11:49 AM


Wow, sounds like your triplex is really coming together! Is it paying for itself now?
Blogger Trisha#1, at 9:00 AM  
I want a model update! LOL.
Blogger Seattle Eric, at 11:35 PM  
Good job! The best education is experience, and judging from your last paragraph, you definately got a good lesson. It's stuff like that no book, tape, or seminar can fully deliver.
Blogger Steve, at 5:37 AM  

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