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Monday, October 24, 2005

This is hilarious...

I put my rental ad on in hopes to get some interest for the tri-plex.

I got an email from a girl that is living in Europe right now, but is moving to Tucson in the next few weeks.

I'll para-phrase the letter, but it basically says:" Hi, I'm a 26 year old international bikini model and I would LOVE to rent your 2B/1B from you!"

What? A bikini model is coming into Tucson from a designer shoot in Europe and wants to move into my place immediately? Ok, whatever! I was thinking of all my friends that could be messing with me.

I wrote her back stating that she needs to fill out an application and background and credit checks need to be done before moving in. She wrote back stating that she wants to send me a deposit to hold the unit. She seems serious! However, its a week before my first mortgage payment and I just received an application from another gal last night, so she may not be able to get this one, however, I told her that I could hold the other unit IF she sends me app and money right away.

Since my wife does the screening, it will be interesting to see if she let's her in ;-)

Good investing,

|| Bginvestor, 11:59 AM


LOL. That's hilarious! Before you get too excited, make sure she's not French. I have nothing against French people--but, I remember a professor in college commenting about how French girls like to grow armpit hair and shun makeup!

Good luck with THAT!!!
Blogger Trisha#1, at 1:33 PM  
Since my wife does the screening, it will be interesting to see if she let's her in ;-)

I'm willing to bet not. LOL! And who says this business isn't interesting? :-)
Blogger Steve, at 5:24 AM  

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