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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Status on double wide

I had a solid 4 days during the labor day weekend to work on the mobile to get it done, but turned out that my best friend came in from Cali and my wife's friends came from Phoenix so I only had about two days of work! Thats ok, it was fun to play golf!

I will send pics soon, but there's a quite a few things to do. So, far its working out. I'll summarize the work done and things need to be done.

Work done last weekend:
  1. Replaced a 7'X4' panel in the hallway. Added trim molding in several areas.
  2. Ripped out carpet.
  3. The walls were about 80% textured. I finished texturing two walls and the new panel. We used a "hawk and drowel" texture hopefully will look appealing to buyers. The existing panels were definitely out dated. This will give it updated look. This is done only in the hall way, and living room. Not the bedrooms
  4. Spray painted the Evap vent and cleaned up the others. I need to buy a few floor heater vents.
  5. Masked off the entire rooms including 5 windows.
  6. I got the living room, hallway, ceilings, and dining room completely painted! I bought a wagner spray painter for $200. THIS was a life saver.. This saved me hours and hours of priming and painting. The doors came out excellent.

Work to do: (Sigh..)

  1. Need to paint the kitchen. I should have sprayed it, but I will need to roll it. I will take advantage and try and use some left over paint.
  2. The carpet guy will put in new carpet in the bed rooms. I wasn't planning on doing this, but I'm glad my wife insisted. This was the right move..
  3. Replace 6 electrical plugs
  4. Install laminate flooring in living room and dining room. I dimensioned this such that it will install easy. Instead of running the laminate in the hallway (time consuming), I'll use sticky tile.
  5. Install trim for flooring.
  6. Install sticky tile in the bathroom, kitchen, and hallway.
  7. Paint the patio cement gray.
  8. Power wash the outside walls.
  9. Power wash the curtains ;-)
  10. Paint a spot of the evap cooler.

I think thats it!? I will run over budget since the carpet is being installed now, but the numbers still look good. I will say I need at least 4 solid days of work to get this done. I will have to focus and work hard.

This double wide has made my life more complex because of the tri-plex. Its difficult to hire the work out on the double wide because my profit margins would drop significantly, but I need to get it done since I HAVE to do some work on the tri-plex. I estimate I will be doing about 20% on the tri-plex, but things need to get done before the contractors start.

|| Bginvestor, 8:02 AM


I feel your pain! But, it seems like you have a clear plan of what needs to be done. So, you shouldn't have too many surprises that will slow you down. I'm sure it'll look fabulous once you're done! Have you had any more interested buyers?
Blogger Trisha#1, at 11:52 AM  

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