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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It was a good day for House #2

First thing I did today was put on the new locks! What a great feeling feeling..

My three contractors came in today to finalize the game plan. The roofer turned out to be a good plumber and he replaced a valve stop for me for FREE. This was really convenient because this valve stop did not work so I couldn't take off the toilet to inspect. He will also replace the toilet flange which I was really concerned about. This is the one with the roots coming out! Its not a big deal anymore! He won't charge me much to replace the flange.

I got the drywall torn out in the hallway and bedroom so its now ready for my roofer and dry wall guy.

One contractor is going to put up the dry wall , texture every wall, and paint including materials for two units for $2500.00 This also includes the ceilings that are being replaced and he will spray the doors for free!

I have a roof guy replacing 3 or 4 sheets of wood and re-roofing and coating a large section for $600.

I have a great guy that will put in new ductwork and install new coolers for a good price as well. If I could give advice, I would spend a lot of time making sure you get good quotes! The guys I went with are by far the cheapest, however, they come recommended and I used these guys before so the risk is low. Using these guys, I will save thousands of dollars!

Based on all the work being done, I estimate it will take a solid month. This is longer than I wanted, however, it will be just in time for November 1st tenants. My goal is to have all three units filled by Nov 1st!

My tri-plex is in a area which is over 50 percent rentals. Unfortunately, almost every street has for rent signs, this makes me nervous!
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I know other landlords might be trying this same thing, but you might offer a rent special--$200 off the first month with a year lease, for instance. Or, you could go to Best Buy and buy three cheap tv's and offer a tv to the person who signs a full year lease (after they are approved and move in, of course).
Blogger Trisha#1, at 2:32 PM  
Great ideas Trisha..

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