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Monday, August 29, 2005

Double Wide closes September 1st!

I'm scheduled to close the double wide September 1st. I need both notarized signatures from the husband and wife.

A couple of issues have been brought up. First, the husband lives in Texas and will not be coming to Tucson to help the wife moved as originally planned. I told her if this transaction is going to close, she needs to get him to notarize the titles before the first. So she is going to over night the titles.

Secondly, she asked if she cold store her stuff in the outside storage shed for a week until she gets her apartment on the 8th. I said that would be ok, but she needs to have all personal belongings moved from the double wide.

It's critical that I close on the 1st or I loose several good working days. All I need to do is paint and floor the living room, and I could have the double wide ready for sale. Since the tri-plex is closing soon, I need this done!

For the triplex, the escrow officer didn't know how to deal with my lot issue? Is this inexperience? She said she would talk to the regional manager. I need to know if this is a big deal and how the title company suggests dealing with it. I need to know if it should be recorded, and who needs to notorize it.
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