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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Notes from Full time investor...

Last week, at one of the sub groups of the AZREIA meetings, there was a guy who talked to the group about his REI business here in town. This was a local investor and was very forth coming with how he approached his business. He's pretty successful, he has bought 10 houses year to date..

Here's some notes:

Price break down:

100k ARV

-10k repair

-4k selling commision ($1000 + 3% to buyers agent for a total of 4%)

-4k closing costs

-4.25k Interest taxes insurances (6 months start to finish)

-25k (profit)

$ 52,5k Maximum Allowed Offer (MAO) WOW he's buying property at 55 cents on the $$

|| Bginvestor, 9:49 AM


After re-reading this post, you really listed a lot of good information. Thanks for posting!
Blogger Steve, at 7:41 AM  

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