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Friday, April 29, 2005

Reminder - Surround yourself w/ successful people..

Have you guys ever watched the movie , "office space"? Its reminds me a lot of my JOB, the sea of cubes with people starring at computer screens trying to get something accomplished between the meetings, time cards, and email (I'm not a full time investor).

Anyway, I found a guy at my job that is doing what I'm doing (REI), and he's doing it very well. I had lunch with him today to pick his brain on the latest market conditions and REI strategies. He's making good money building houses and selling them. This will be another strategy that is going under my belt (write more later).

Not only is it motivating talking to these guys , but you always learn something..

Hanging around losers only makes you feel like sitting on a couch and drinking beer all day, you know what I mean? If your reading this blog, chances are you not a loser and you want financial freedom because your searching for it.. You guys have the chance to do it, so find people that are successful in REI and become a leech. Seriously, take them out to dinner or lunch and talk REI.

Here's a secret. The successful people are one that have mentors to guide them to their first deals quickly. IMHO, knowledge is the second most important factor in REI, use someone's knowledge to get you started.

It can be a guru that you pay for them to mentor you, a realtor that works w/ investors, it can be a contractor that is a millionaire, etc...

I'll be honest, I'm trying to find my mentor that will take me under his wing.. However, if I have any question on short sales, wholesales, subto, fix & flip,rentals, l/o, O/f, conventional , loans, private money, I have a cell number that I can call right now and get an answer. Thats power of networking.

Now, if I can only get the phone ringing off the hook and gets some deals rolling!!!!

Good investing!
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