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Monday, March 07, 2005

What Arizona foreclosure lists look like..

Ok, so I found three of the top REO realtors in town. This is part of my birddogging plan to bring more leads my way..

One realtor sent me a foreclosure list for free (from Foreclosure world). Who needs to buy a list when you can get one for free? I don't know if this is a high quality list or not, but the interested thing was the houses were not listed on the local MLS? (mental note to ask the realtor)

Ummm.. this may mean less competition..

Actually, there was only 8 houses out of 57 listings. The rest was pretty much manufactured houses in the range of $50k to $80k. wow! Do you want to buy a mobile that depreciates? Come to Arizona! In that price range, I just don't see it happening...

However, there were a few houses that caught my eye. I'll use my valuable time to drive by and check these out tomorrow.
|| Bginvestor, 7:43 PM


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