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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Using scripts will make you succeed!!

I've noticed lately that several people have been visting my blog frequently based on the number of hits to my site. It's amazing how the internet can bring people together. Its like we have a small REI network via the internet. So, to keep it more interesting, I'll be sharing some of the important lessons learned that I have figured out in the last couple years.

I wanted to share my thoughts on using scripts.

I've studied a course that heavily advocates using scripts. In my business, scripts can be used everywhere and I encourage other people to focus on them. I use three different scripts for screening sellers from general incoming calls, door knocking, and presentating an offer. If you do something over and over, scripts is the logical thing to do. Its allows you to make sure you say the magical phrases thats so important. And its a great way to memorize answers to seller's objections!

For example, after I'm done talking with a seller on the phone, I should know the following: the basics of the property, seller motivation (1-10), does he want a quick sale or top price, what he needs from the property, and what terms he is willing to work with (subto,l/o,cash,s/f,etc..). The script effectively asks the questions in the correct order.

Good investing!
|| Bginvestor, 7:01 PM


I'm really having some trouble with what to say with people in pre-foreclosure and I think scripts would help a lot? Did you generate your own? Is there a place that you can refer me to that I can get some ideas? Thanks
Blogger Tony Santos, at 8:52 AM  

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