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Monday, March 28, 2005

Status on short term goals 3/27

Ok, so here's my progress on last week's goals

  1. Generate new pre-foreclosure list

The assessor's website was down for several days which threw a wrench in the preforeclosure lists. I did not get the list completed!

  1. Door Knock at least 10 houses

Nope, not this week.

  1. Drive around town and locate new area to put up signs

Completed, I have a new farming area that I need to work over soon!

  1. Interview three candidates for helping me put up signs

Done! I have hired a college kid that is putting up signs for me. He'll work everyother weekend and distribute many signs.

  1. Meet broker for private money

Done! The private money turns out to be a local mortgage company, so they required a loan application. This is not how it works for private money, especially when I agreed to cross-colaterialize. However, if I can get a private money loan for 10% , its worth it!

  1. Fax or write to either probate attorneys or more appraisers (Birdddogs)

Done! I wrote to 15 probate attorneys. I plan on writing up a Month's review of the business, so I have lots to say about this topic..

  1. Ask for updated REO list


  1. Get status on divorce list


  1. Get on Homevestor's wholesale list

Called Homevestors. He told me he'll call me back , but never did. I hate working with unreliable people, and the sad thing is a lot of people are unreliable!

  1. Call All FSBO's

I did several of those. I like calling these guys because it keeps me fresh with the important pre-screen callers from my advertising.

  1. Generate letters for "dirty 30 list" These are houses that I drive by that are worn out and may be potential deals. Its worth writing letters to these people. Its essentially finding a diamond in the rough

I'll work on this today. I found several houses that looked worn down on large lots. If I could pick any of these up, I could potentially build another house on the lot and make serious money..

So overall, not a bad week, but its abvious that I ran out of time since not all my goals were completed.

Good investing!

|| Bginvestor, 6:09 AM


What do you use for your ground bandit signs? I found some wire frame ones for about a dollar a piece, but i don't know if its worth it.
Blogger Tony Santos, at 2:56 PM  

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