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Sunday, March 13, 2005

The power of networking..

I've joined a real estate club several months back. At each meeting, we all fill out a postcard and than proceed to introduce ourselves to people that we have not met before and state who we are, what we do, and what we need for our business.

This is networking in its purest form and its power because we need to know people that know things that we don't.

So, I've been talking with this REO realtor for about a week now. (Actually, I've met her over a year ago, she did a BPO on a house that I was doing a short sale, and she screwed me up because the BPO was way high). Although I was after a divorce list from her, the data was not currently available, but than she began to talk about a house that she did a BPO on yesterday.

This property has potential! Its a 2 story, 2900 sqft, 2000 built , with a 3 car garage and pool. It's in a good neighborhood and its a complete fixup. These people did not treat the property well. This means discounts from the banks!

Wow, this property is so new to the banks that they don't even know how much they are going to price it. Bottonline, I'm going to be able to place a bid on it before ANYONE else! Cool.

We saw the outside yesterday and today will look inside. If we place a bid on it, I'll list the details.
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