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Friday, March 18, 2005

Next week's goals

Ok, gets time to gets things rolling.. Here's the plan for next week..

  1. Generate new pre-foreclosure list
  2. Door Knock at least 10 houses
  3. Drive around town and locate new area to put up signs
  4. Interview three candidates for helping me put up signs
  5. Meet broker for private money
  6. Fax or write to either probate attorneys or more appraisers (Birdddogs)
  7. Ask for updated REO list
  8. Get status on divorce list
  9. Get on Homevestor's wholesale list
  10. Call All FSBO's
  11. Generate letters for "dirty 30 list" These are houses that I drive by that are worn out and may be potential deals. Its worth writing letters to these people. Its essentially finding a diamond in the rough

Good investing!

|| Bginvestor, 1:41 PM


You'll have to forgive me for being so naive, but I'm just starting out. I've been talking to a couple of my investor friends up here in the east valley, and they say the best way in my situation to get in the door is to begin by being a birddog. I completely agree. So I'm curious where you would get those lists that you mentioned:

-Ask for updated REO list
-Get status on divorce list
-Get on Homevestor's wholesale list

I'm getting ready myself to start my own blog page to show my successes and mistakes in hopes that somebody else can benifit from it. Thank you for doing that yourself.
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