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Sunday, March 06, 2005

I won a drawing at the PGA tour!

There was a tent that had many vendors advertising products. I ended up talking with this nice lady from Corona de Tucson realty about foreclosures. We were chatting about Hud homes and was letting her explain to me the auction process (even though I already know). After chatting , she suggested that I apply for their drawing. She wanted to get my contact information so I suggested stampling my business card to the ticket.

Well, I got a call from her yesterday saying that I won the drawing!! There was only one winner, me and I get $100 worth of coffee!

This is interesting, why did I get drawn from the many,many tickets. I bet its because of my business card that made it different from everyone else!

Remember, market shamelessly!

I'm going to take this opportunity to take appraisers, private money loan officers, and realtors to coffee!

Good investing!!!
|| Bginvestor, 9:22 AM


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