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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Direct mailing #3 foreclosure lists

I decided to send postcards to my foreclosure lists instead of letters. Last year I was doing letters, and it was very time consuming! I did these the right way, hand writing the letters, using regular stamps, using a series of 5 letters, etc.

I found the response rate was lower than expected.

But, actually, I did a couple of deals from letters now that I think about it!

I decided to experiment with postcards, its cheaper, and way faster. My time is becoming more critical to me, and if I don't use postcards, I probably wouldn't get my letters out this year.

Yesterday, I send 50 postcards from my foreclosure list.

FYI - # of foreclosures in this city are not nearly as many as Phoenix , Detroit, etc.. We get about 200-250 a month. Thats plenty to keep me busy though!

Let's see what happens!

Good investing
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