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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Can you confront your neighbor that he's in foreclosure?? Door Knock #13

I just got back talking to my neighor about his house in foreclosure. It posted a notice over a month ago. This isn't a house down the street from mine, this is the guy to left of me! I don't know these guys very well.

He bought the house last year in August for 212k and put only 1k down. He must of made just a few payments before the pain was brought on..

I knocked on the door and it was the husband. The wife actually owns the house. I wasn't sure if he would be upset, but turned out he was very nice. My intro was completely different, but came across ok.. He told me that they cut some checks a couple of weeks ago, however, the notice of sale is not terminated. He asked my business card and said he'll talk to his wife.

I'm actually glad that they may have solved their problem. I snooped a little and found out that she had two previous notice of sale postings, so the outcome is not good. She is a mortgage broker, I don't know what he does. Hopefully, it works out for them, if not I'll buy it (For a discount of course).

Good investing!!
|| Bginvestor, 6:46 PM


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