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Monday, February 14, 2005

What's the most effective way to send postcards??

The best deal I've found for postcards are at They offer a standard double sided postcard w/ one spot color and deliver it for an average cost of .32 cents a piece.

If you've done this thing before, you'll find that its not a bad deal. If you can send your specific message to 100 folks for $32 bucks, that's not bad!

Last year, I went all out and developed a large 6"X9" post card with yellow backing and a well thought out message. It was a fancy card.. But I only got the same response rate as everybody else.

So, this year, I'm keeping it simple, send out the message to as MANY people and make it as cost effective, so you can reach more people. The response rate should probably go up if using a fancy postcard, but these cards are reaching twice the price as the standard ones.

If you don't already know, repetition is very important in direct mail. So I will send these out at least 3 times (once a month) for maximum effectiveness.

I will post my response rates on this board. I'm expecting .05 to 1 percent. Stay tuned!!


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|| Bginvestor, 11:40 AM


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