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Monday, February 28, 2005

More Door knocking on Sunday..

I toke a break Sunday morning to take my wife to the Tucson's PGA tour. It was very relaxing and it was a great day..

In the afternoon I door knocked a few more houses. Here the status:

Door knocking #8 This was a house just 1/4 of a mile from mine. Its a hot little rental neighborhood so I hurried to get over there. She was ultra rude! She wouldn't let me even complete my intro and and scream, " they told me to not talk to you guys!" "What people are you talking about, the banks??", I said. "No, I'm not interested!" and slammed the door.

It's interesting, some people embrace the opportunity to get their problems solved, and some people are in complete denial! She didn't even want my business card.. Its hard to tell what her situation was because I didn't get any data, but the fact is, she's probably missing a opportunity to save her credit and a lot of stress. Door knocking is not for the faint at heart..

Door knocking #9 Well, after shaking off the bad experience from #8, I went to another house. This was strange, no one was home and the garage door was completely open. The neighborhood kids were saying that they have been gone all day.. I left a door hanger and hope that they will call me if they need help..

Door knocking #10 I hate it when the kids answer the door!! You can't just say, " hey kid, your dad is in foreclosure and about ready to lose this house, I need to talk to him quick!" Lucky for me, he didn't ask any questions and left the room when his dad came in. This was a 6'3" tall 240 lb guy and walked right up to me and stood about about a foot from me. "CAN I help you!, " he said. Oh man, here we go! When I said I went to court house and notice a problem with his property, I saw his face tense up with pain. I quietly explained that there was a notice of sale and wanted to see if he wanted to discuss his situation. He wanted to talk to the banks first, but appreciated receiving my card. He said, "thanks for coming to see me sir". This was a good sign that my message was well received, especially since I look like a 25 year old kid myself.

So, no luck this weekend. Typically, we they invite you in, you have a 70% chance of signing a deal up.
|| Bginvestor, 6:49 AM


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